1. MisterTettomane

    Pain Olympics: quando si va davvero oltre!

    Salve ragazzuoli,oggi avevo voglia di un off topic quindi niente tettone di mezzo 🤭 Anzi,quello di cui vi voglio parlare oggi non è assolutamente eccitante,direi piuttosto morboso,malato,patologico! Tra amici capita spesso di parlare di video particolari scovati in rete,poche volte si...
  2. N

    Extreme Humiliation and Torture Videos

    001 His Sadist Mistress Description: Strapped to the padded cross, helplessly exposed to Mistress Nikki's desires and torments that she has planned to inflict, she wastes no time in giving his nipples full attention. Clamps, suction and once tenderised the violet wand is used to great...
  3. N

    Extreme BDSM Torture Videos [Large collection]

    001 Why Santa’s Elves Don’t Wear Panties Description: Tis’ the night before Christmas when all through Santa’s workshop the elves are all hustling and bustling away. All except one elf that is. Head-Elf Irony had to hire a lot of extra help this year, it seems the demand for “toys” had...
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